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Own a piece of AI internet history

Pricing (50% off during the private sale):
= <del>$2,000</del> $1000 / square= $2,000 $1000 / square
= <del>$1,500</del> $750 / square= $1,500 $750 / square
= <del>$1,000</del> $500 / square= $1,000 $500 / square
= Sold Out= Sold Out
Click the square you would like to purchase:

Purchase a Gold Square!

Own a piece of the AI internet history on our homepage, showcase your AI Tool, AI Services & AI Business.

The Gold Squares are numbered, so you can select the preferred spot / number and also combine multiple neighbouring squares into one.

By purchasing a square on our homepage you will become the owner of it, you can place your logo, or any static 100x100px image that doesn’t violate our Terms & Conditions. * If you no longer need your spot, you can resell it in our dedicated marketplace.